Colombo Beverage Chase Systems
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What is Beverage CHASEĀ®?

A beverage CHASE system is the network of conduits installed throughout a venue to enclose, protect and allow ease of installation and service for the beverage system. Beverage CHASE systems are installed in the available mechanical spaces between the source pumps and remote locations. Systems typically are installed underground (below slab) or overhead (ceilings and walls). They protect the distribution lines from compromises that affect quality of product, health, safety and ease of service. Compromises range from mechanical (cuts, abrasions, pulls, crushing) to contamination (pest infestation, chemical exposure), and include safety (hazardous fumes, trip/fall).

Beverage dispensing systems are utilized in many hospitality/entertainment venues from small chain restaurants and specialty restaurants to multilevel stadiums, casinos and theme parks. They are a network of lines (tubing) connecting beverage dispensing equipment with a central distribution location. This network or system allows for accurate control, monitoring and ease of maintenance for the operators of these venues. Additionally, the ability to minimize space requirements at the service locations is another benefit for owners.